FAQ;  What made you start doing spoken word, who inspired you? 

Well, it was the year 2013, I was in high school, on a date I cannot remember, I was sick and stayed in bed. I had a friends poetry book and decided what better time than the present to read it. So I read it. There was a particular piece, I can’t remember the title or Tue exact words but anyway. I read her poetry and it sparked a fire within, this said fried is also the same person who introduced me to other spoken words poets, Jackie Hill, Janette(genetics) and so many other. 
This Hurricane of a human being, clumsily strolled into my life and turned it around. Changed so many things about how I saw life and gave me a while new appreciation for every breath I could possible take. Our friendship is made up of all the little moments life gave us, stolen glances and what not. She has always fascinated me, there’s this otherness embedded in her eyes that is captivating. She has the widest smile I’ve ever seen and I’m sure the stars can see it. I learnt to flaunt my weird because of her. 

These are the rare beings that walk into your life, set it on fire and teach you to walk barefoot on the sun.  If I could meet her again, in another life, I would…. In every life I would be given I would meet her, till the ends of the earth and all the other planets.