​I love myself enough,

not just for the both us,  

But for the past love I was deprived of,

for the past love no one wanted to give me,

for future love that might leave. 

I have learnt to love myself enough 

for all the times no one could love me, 

for all the moments when I realised all I had was myself. 

I’ve learnt to love myself enough to over look my imperfections, 

the things I cannot change, 

I have learnt to love myself during the cold nights when all I can do is cry, 

for the dark days when my body hurts if I move. 

I love myself enough to survive,

 to know what type of love I deserve, 

to know how I should be loved.

I love myself enough to forgive myself, 

to look at myself everyday and love myself even more. 

I love myself enough. 

Because in the end, only I can let myself down, 

and only I can pick myself back up. 

In the end, I love myself enough