Here’s the truth, the untainted, unaltered truth about her. She will never show you her scars from where the world hurt her, she won’t tell you about how angry she is. Life taught her, a long time ago,  to swallow her feelings like a bitter pill. 

She’s learnt to blend in with the living, even when she’s dying on the inside. You won’t see the tears in her when she is about to break down, because she’ll laugh, and you’ll think they are tears of joy, but she doesn’t have those. There has always been a sting of pain behind each tear. You’ll have to read her to know, did she touch her ear when she said ” I’m fine”? It means she’s not. Did she cough and rub her eyes then say ” I’m just tired”? She’s not tired, she’s sad and you should probably hug her. 

It’s not because she’s stubborn. She’s been burnt one to many times,  she’s lost her sense of wonder and trust along the way. 

She won’t show you her tears. Instead, she’ll flash you her brightest smile, her tears will twinkle so bright, you won’t even notice them.