​Before you say hi, here’s a few you must know. 

Firstly I love to laugh, what do I find funny?  Puns, I’m geeky that way. 

I love nature and all it has to offer, even the annoying bugs. 

Music is my soul, not just any music though , my ears ache for Mozart’s Symphonies, 90’s music,  Eli Bennet, and of course Adele .

Jazz makes the stars shine brighter and wine taste sweeter. 

I love sweaters, even in summer. But clearly winter is more my weather. 

I’m crazy for old cartoons.  And books, oh,the magic of black on faded white with an earthy smell, I know I’m home. I will always pick a quiet night in, over any party anywhere. 

I want to fall in love with my soul mate and travel the world, taste a nice well aged wine and fancy cheese. 

I want to visit museums across the globe and drool over art. 

I need to attend at least one jazz festival in my lifetime. 

I need to go see the opera before my time on this earth is done. 

Before you say hi,  you need to know, that I’m introvert and I will never apologize for being who I am