January 2017

I’m Sorry, I Was Busy! 

I told you i was busy, you thought I was lying, you thought I was trying to avoid you. And worst of all, you thought it’s because I didn’t love you. But I did, with every fibre in my bone. I loved you selfishly and firecely. 

When I told you I was busy, I really was. It may not have been in the conventional sense, but I still was.  I was busy trying to hold it together, trying not to crumble, trying to breathe. Because sometimes, most times, I get so lost in the gloom around me and it engulfs me. Tears fill my eyes like a stream after it rains. And i can’t even move. 

I was busy trying to feed my faith and starve my fears, for I am nothing without my dreams, without the fire in my soul and the spark in my eyes. So I was busy because I was trying to fall asleep before I could fall apart.  I was busy fighting depression for hope, because sometimes, most times, the existence of the former threatens the reality of achieving the lattter. 



Breathe For Me //Excerpt 

“But what you don’t know is I’m a prisoner of my own poetry. These words that you read in awe are the shekels and chains that I am bound to. I am captive of unspoken words and unforgotten memories. 

And if you think I’m free, you’ve never had your heart broken and been unable to cry, so you just sit there, feeling every piece of your existence fall apart. 

The frustration of being on fire,  but not burning, of dying with no final death. 

But even with all this madness and pain, I wouldn’t want it any other way.  I wear my scars like makeup. Yes they may not be pretty, but they made me, me. 

And if you didn’t know,  Im Magic “

//Excerpt from “Breathe For Me”

7 Days Of Writing 

This coming week, I’ve decided to give myself a challenge. I’ve been a bit lazy with my writing and trying to discipline myself. For the next 7 days I’ll write 

  • 7 Different Poems
  • 7 Different styles of wirting
  • 7 Different Emotions 
  • 7 Different Muse’s 
  • 7 Versions Of Me

This won’t be easy,  that’s why it’s a challenge, lol.  

Feel free to take part and hashtag #TheeLadyInkChallege and I’ll share it here… 

Happy Writing!!! 

Confessions Of An Insecure Heart

You told me you love me. And I try believe you, I really do. 

You look into my eyes and tell me I look like the rest of your life.  You’re the sweetest. 

But you haven’t seen me naked, you haven’t seen me cry,  you haven’t seen me sad. What happens when you do and you realise it’s too much for you to handle. What if I have curves in all the wrong places?  If I’m not “cute” when I cry?  Because I can be like sand paper when I’m sad. Will you not only tolerate my stretch marks but love and run your fingers over them like a map to our forever. Will you hold me when my tears start to burn my eyes. On mornings when I’m too sad to get out of bed will you bring me honey tea and a book to read?  Will you email me memes and puns during the day because you know they make me laugh? Will you come home with fuzzy socks in the middle of summer just to see my face light up? 
I know you’ll love me at my best,  because I will adorn and ravish you with every ounce of my being, but will you love at my worst?  When I am nothing but harsh winds and hurricanes? 

It is because of all these, that I am afraid of love, it could fade away when I take my dress off in front of you for the first time. Or have a breakdown in your arms. You could leave 



Before You Say “Hi”

​Before you say hi, here’s a few you must know. 

Firstly I love to laugh, what do I find funny?  Puns, I’m geeky that way. 

I love nature and all it has to offer, even the annoying bugs. 

Music is my soul, not just any music though , my ears ache for Mozart’s Symphonies, 90’s music,  Eli Bennet, and of course Adele .

Jazz makes the stars shine brighter and wine taste sweeter. 

I love sweaters, even in summer. But clearly winter is more my weather. 

I’m crazy for old cartoons.  And books, oh,the magic of black on faded white with an earthy smell, I know I’m home. I will always pick a quiet night in, over any party anywhere. 

I want to fall in love with my soul mate and travel the world, taste a nice well aged wine and fancy cheese. 

I want to visit museums across the globe and drool over art. 

I need to attend at least one jazz festival in my lifetime. 

I need to go see the opera before my time on this earth is done. 

Before you say hi,  you need to know, that I’m introvert and I will never apologize for being who I am




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