I was in the middle of doing yoga, a journey I started as a way of creating myself, because every time I try to find myself, I end up getting lost. So I quit looking and started creating, creating a new center and core for my being, creating a new thought process and stronger nervous system, creating a new heart, with new stories and memory.

I’m honestly so tired of being tired, I keep crying because I’m always crying, but when does it all end? When I find Mr right? Sadly it’s not so easy and I didn’t realise this soon enough because, Someone almost ran off with my stuff, Walked into my house, picked up my jewels and crowns, dignity and pride. And somebody  almost ran off with me too, wrapped in a plastic tucked away under his arm, he almost ran off with me to and I was standing there looking at myself. It wasn’t a spirit that almost ran off with me,it was a man. A man faster than my own innocence. It was a lover I made to much room for. Took me, after I just found me. Left me with nothing but bread crumbs, trailing to yet another desolation of my self discovery. So I stopped looking and searching and started building, creating, from the ground up . Building everything they said I couldn’t, I’ve been looking at a broken image, thinking I’m the one that’s broken, but it was the mirror, they hurled stones at it, so I could see what they wanted to, and not what I was really was.


-TheeLadyInk –