I took pictures of you so I never forget you. My phone is filled with your smiles, frowns,laughter and tears too. I wanted to remember everything about you, the way your lip quivers when your excited, or the way your eyes light up like fireworks when you laugh. The fine lines that’s graced the corners of your mouth when you smile. I didn’t want to forget the furrow on your eyebrows when you we’re sad, or the dimple on your chin when you frowned. I took pictures of every moment we spent together, of every time you brightened my nights. I took pictures of you on your best days and on your worst. So that no matter the distance I could remember the faded blue of your jeans, or the tear at the collar of your  pajamas. I wanted to remember the mustard stains on your favorite pants and the ketchup on your floral dress. I Always wanted to remember the way you scratched your head when you’re confused or couldn’t blink when your scared. I never wanted to forget how shaggy your hair got when we sent swimming or the endless effort you spent straightening it. I have videos of how you danced when you we’re mad and when you we’re happy. I kept all of them. So i never forgot you, but my gosh, what I would do to have you erased from my mind.
The memories are etched into my mind like a tattoo. I took pictures so I could be grateful for what I have, by now their just a painful reminder of what I’ve lost

To Be Continued