December 2015

The Girl With A Broken Smile

Dairy Of Inmate 5239
Entry 2


She was perfect. That’s why I still kept her photo stuck to the wall, by my bed. She had these eyes that were wild and fierce, when she stepped outside in brood daylight the sun would shy away. She had a smile that overshadowed the glow of the moon. How I loved her. When I would placed her head against my chest and she would say my heart was like the crashing of waves against the shore line.
She was all I ever needed. Her mind was like the Egyptian pyramids. Each surface covered with unknown mysteries.
When she spoke the stars would listen. Each gentle breath was received by the sway of trees. There’s something about her, her feet paved the way with each step. When she opened her mouth to sing flowers bloomed in concrete.
Her entire way of life was  a miracle.
One I wish i had comprehended before time. She was all I ever wanted.  I stare at the one remaining picture of her. And Instead of reminiscing on our blissful life all i remember is she walked away from me. My last imagine of her,is her back. The small of her waist and the curve of her spine. The way her dreadlocks sat perfectly atop her head in the constant bun she liked ‘it’s artistic’ she whispered as she ran her hand along my chest. Her hands, holding each other, precisely balanced on her buttocks. For some  off reason she liked to walk that way. I saw the scar on her ankle for the last time. She got it when we went camping and fell out of a tree. And before I sleep, I can no longer remember her glistening smile or dreamy eyes. I see her hunched shoulder moving further and further away me. She never gave me that last fleeting glance of face.


Dairy Of Inmate 5239


I took pictures of you so I never forget you. My phone is filled with your smiles, frowns,laughter and tears too. I wanted to remember everything about you, the way your lip quivers when your excited, or the way your eyes light up like fireworks when you laugh. The fine lines that’s graced the corners of your mouth when you smile. I didn’t want to forget the furrow on your eyebrows when you we’re sad, or the dimple on your chin when you frowned. I took pictures of every moment we spent together, of every time you brightened my nights. I took pictures of you on your best days and on your worst. So that no matter the distance I could remember the faded blue of your jeans, or the tear at the collar of your  pajamas. I wanted to remember the mustard stains on your favorite pants and the ketchup on your floral dress. I Always wanted to remember the way you scratched your head when you’re confused or couldn’t blink when your scared. I never wanted to forget how shaggy your hair got when we sent swimming or the endless effort you spent straightening it. I have videos of how you danced when you we’re mad and when you we’re happy. I kept all of them. So i never forgot you, but my gosh, what I would do to have you erased from my mind.
The memories are etched into my mind like a tattoo. I took pictures so I could be grateful for what I have, by now their just a painful reminder of what I’ve lost

To Be Continued

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