But as it turns out I wasn’t a fish after all. Because If I did leave I would have left a trail of my broken pieces leading to a grave. I Would have gone a shattered piece of art. An incomplete painting on a canvas. And if I did leave I would have never found you. The artist that painted in the blanks. To sing my dry bones back to life. The Potter that made me a new heart. If i had gone,I would have never known that healing takes the scars away, that even if I can’t take an eraser to my past I can take a pencil to my future.
I would have never known that it’s not time that heals the wounds, but what you do in that time,  because I sat there hopelessly staring at my clock but clearly it was broken because looking at my wounds,they  were wide open. then you came and kissed away the seconds that felt like years,the hours that felt like centuries. And You held me, you held me so tight that all my broken pieces merged back together. You wiped away the tears and showed me that even the darkness has beauty. You were that gasp of air that reminded me that I’m still alive and need to keep on living. You placed new stars in my sky and the darker life got the brighter they shined. If I had let my brokenness define me I would have never known what finding love does to you. All this time I thought i was an unripe lemon. But meeting you showed me that I was just in the wring tree