You fell in love with me for all the wrong reasons, but somehow it was my fault that we didn’t work out. You never loved me for who I really was, yet in the end I was apparently the hypocrite. Because of you the stars in my galaxy started to fall, but my vision was to blurred for me to make any wishes. The titans in my heart we’re at war and my whole life became a Titanic. A tragedy for all to eternity to know. And because of you i wrote my third suicide note even after promising the second would be my last. I wrote it anyway and it said ” Dear Life; I think its about time I bid you farewell, it seems we got off on the wrong foot so we didn’t quite click. I tried by all means to make amends but when I left flowers at your doorstep you left poop at mine  I wish I knew how I wronged you.  But nevertheless the sticks and stones you threw my way finally hurt more than  the words. You’ve finally won so while your on cloud nine I’m six feet under. Yours sincerely Hope”.
And this time I meant it. I’m tired of my heart breaking and hitting the ground like gun shells on pavement. Of walking with my head down so no one can see the tears fall down my face. So I quit this race and almost OD.  But in as much as life didn’t want me, death didn’t want me even more. So I was only 15 when I had my stomach pumped. They thought they were saving me, but all they did is rescue a fish from drowning.