I remember your smile and it makes me smile. I remember your eyes and how stars and rainbow seemed to dance in them. They drew my in like a siren, and the end of their song led me to my death. I reminisce on our memories. When you took me dancing in the rain under the trees, when you kissed me during the full moon and our love was luminous. The stars winked their approval as they glistened over us. The night wind howled and trees swayed to and fro.

You saved me from the clutches of myself.
It’s been over a year and I’ve never forgotten about you, forgotten how you loved me when I couldn’t love myself, how you held on to me when I was letting go, how you gave me air when I couldn’t breath. I never forgot how you kissed away my tears, made me smile when I was mad, because you knew it would make me feel better.
I’ve never forgotten how well you knew me, you could hear my heart break and when it started to you would hug me, hug me so tight I could almost feel my broken pieces merge back together.

Also I will never forget , how you broke my heart, knowing it would change me, change everything about me.

But over everything you everything did to me, the one thing I will never forget about you is how you loved each day, like it was your last day