It’s not about whether I love you or not, but about how much.

My heart is set ablaze by thoughts of you. I love you to the length of counting the number of breaths until I can’t breathe because your gone. I see galaxies dance in your eyes, puffs of heart shaped air when you exhale.

My love for you is not a question. It is its extent that is as mystical as the universe, as Awe striking as the constellations. It’s depth is where the unloved jump into to escape. It’s height is the breech of the atmosphere

If you could count the stars, find my lost tear in the rain, maybe then you could peek over the wall of my love for you. My love for you feels like death, anticipated, but breath taking,life changing uncertain. And you can only understand it if you experience it.

I still hold on to you like flesh on bone. ∞Your my always and forever. I hope to be yours too