I want to be with you till my bones decay and my flesh rots. Till my lungs can no longer recognize the taste of air or my heart understand what a beat is. When I see you I want my eyes to embed so deep into their sockets that they see the core of my gut. I want to love you until my very last hair withers away. till the Stardust I am made of becomes ash. My love for you Burns so widely, so fiercely, so violently, it puts the sun to shame.
Dear love, I Wish I could offer you virgin love, untainted affection, but in the spur of my youth I tossed it bluntly to the wind,where ever it chimed. I may have loved many in my wake, but of all the planets in the galaxy I chose to inhibit yours till the end of all time. Till clocks start to drop like flies in winter.
I don’t only want to hold your hand, because life gets hard and one of us might let go. But I want to hold on to you like flesh on bone. And no matter the distance, you will always be closer to me than the very artery that brings blood to my heart.