So I’ve come across quite a lot of definitions of love and for this post I’ve chosen to use “love is like going home”

I’ve always wondered what makes people return to their first love,.I was almost convinced it was stupidity or desperation. But no,it’s going home.
We all at one point fall in love with someone who makes us feel like we are going home, this feeling is relief,comfort,security. So because this one particular person makes you feel all that,you always want to run back to them.
And honestly I think it’s understandable, because no matter what happens at home,it will always be a place of solace. And you will want to run back whenever home calls.
No matter where you try to move to,you will always remember your first home, and what breaks your heart about it, is the fact that your always ready to go back home. It is hard to resist home.
The first place you ever call home is unforgettable, so is your first real love.
But you don’t always have to.
Because the more you go back home, the more you will always go back.