I knew who you were and I begged my heart not to love you. I knew you would take me to museums, beautiful parks and waterfalls. We would go for picnics and movies,take walks along the street,explore galleries and attend cyphers. You would pull me in so deep that I would never survive without you. I knew who you were. I knew why you would do that… So that I never forget you,you made sure every place reminded me of you, if I ever returned to those places I would taste you afresh like blood in my mouth, my heart would hit the pavement like gun shells. I would miss you like air when I’m drowning. You made yourself a billboard at my doorstep.. I could never leave without remembering you. You would have kissed me in the rain and under the stars…now the sky is a book with our memories. I warned my heart, I told it to stay put and hidden behind the only barrier that could contain it, but it played my ribs like a xylophone till they let it


out. You were a lesson I learnt in a class I didn’t sign up for. You would break and tear down the armoury that shields me. And now  Because of you,I know why storms are named after people.