prisoner of sight

You looked yourself in the mirror and instantly looked away. you couldn’t bear look at yourself because of what everyone else said. so you took a sledge hammer to the reflector of your affliction. you watched the glass shatter ad your image with it. You felt a pang of peace, because you would then go out, go out into the world unaware of your appearance, so in that brief moment you feel beautiful, you feel pretty enough. so you smile as you stroll down the road, nodding your head to the tunes beating away in your headsets. its a lovely moment is it not? up until someone shatters it by sneering you, smirking as you walk by. your world begins to toil and turn, spin and stumble. you lose coordination left is right and right is left. hurricanes released instead of endomorphins. your world starts to spin off its axis as if the galaxies are playing tether ball. your life is encamped around barriers guarded by iris and retina. We have all passed through this prison like a rite of passage and others that were beyond scared decided to become wardens. we have been prisoners of sight, because we have been called ugly, disgusting, to skinny, to fat, to short, to tall. we have ben stamped as the very definition of imperfect and its like a tattoo on your face, everyone can see it and read it.