I cant promise you all of me/but still,what would i do without your smart mouth/the way you move/the way you breath/the way you are/its you /you were my shooting star on a hopeless night /you were my glimmer when my life lacked light/you didn’t sweep me off my feet like a knight /but you still saved me from my own fear/you may not have the might of a thousand men but your still a sight for a sore heart/and now i never see us apart/you are my art on the canvas of the sky/you didn’t just get me to take the leap of faith but you made me fly/you’ve seen me cry/why would you make the sun shine over a withered rose/was it my pose,or something of greater cause/ was i snow white and you my seven dwarfs/you became the river that does the running for me/could this be/you have shown me beauty /that beauty knows no bounds/knows no beginning nor end/beauty cares not of storm or sunshine /beauty is simply beauty/without law without refrain/survives through loss or gain/you have opened my eyes to beauty/to see the greater good even at a massacre /you healed my mass scar/beauty embraces love and forms a fetus that is endless n ceaseless/love sees scars as windows/hears whispers n sorrow/could i borrow i page from your book/maybe then i could change my outlook/because you took all my broken pieces and made them your own/my heads under water but I’m breathing just fine/i want you to be mine/but mine isn’t what i need/i need you to be you /you who wiped my tears/made me forget my fears/you who makes me feel a winner though i loose/you are sufficient /beyond efficient /my coefficient /you saw the light behind my eyes/the love piercing the dark of my heart/you are my redemption /that ray of sunlight in the middle of the storm/you are the joy that gives me reason to wake up/the laugh behind my own/we are intertwined to the same vine/we are a vibration of the same sound/ from one peak to the next,we form one wavelength/your my favorite stranger /and so long as you don’t steal me,i will be yours too/