Broken Parachute
It Was Him
It started when he looked my way
When he inhaled the air in my
When his heartbeat vibrated it’s way to my ears
When he blinked the air kissed my cheek
It was him who haunts my day dreams and taunts me at night
Him whose voice is the melody I can’t help but hum
Him whose breath cascades over my face
His aura makes the caterpillars in my stomach transform into butterflies
My nerves learnt to dictate his vibration when he walks
It Was Him
Who called out my name
Causing my life’s orbit to pause
My heart went under cardiac arrest
My lungs deflated
And the air around grew thin
My mind decapitated,though causing my limbs to function
And this pen of it’s on will dances across this paper
It Was Him
He was the rose in the meadows
The candle in the dark
I’m earth and his my only moon
When he spoke,his words flowed through me
His voice pierced my heart
Touched my soul
He left a footprint in the snow
It was him
Caused my mind to tell my heart woe
The sound of his call
Was the arrow that made me fall
He was the Canon n I the ball
It was him
Whose scent engulfed me
I was water boarded by it
My insides struggled,tossing and turning,like violent waves
My mind was a hurricane of emotions
My heart a tsunami victim flooded by admiration
It was him
Who seemed to poison my veins
His eyes where venomous and they bit into my soul
He had the touch of a black widow leaving me paralyzed
His life was a web n I the insect that got tangled in it
It was him
Who made me an addict
Took me to cloud 9
He was the adrenaline in my blood
The rush of race car
And then he left
I drowned in misery
My heart gave up
My soul shattered
My body crumbled
It was him
Who caused me to sit huddled on the floor
To rot from the depth of my core
The very hairs on the back of my neck still crave him
I’m like a painting on his wall,nailed
Like a junkie on cocaine,hooked
It was him
The drug that changed my life
The one that’s made it everlasting strife
Now I sit,in sponged room,a coat making me hug myself
Doors barricaded windows barred
The slits on my writs still bleeding out cause untried ring him out my system….
But anyway,I know How I got here,and why I’m terrified at living
The prison of my mind
Because It Was Him,it always has and always will be,Him
so i call him my broken parachute