How she felt

Do you know about her?/her pain?/her cost of loss and gain/the torment of unexpected rain/Do you know about her/a gift not asked for she received/the joy she held,in whom all believed/but in her heart she felt love deceived/Do you know about her/the gift of motherhood,taken away more easily than it had been given/the pain of labor and child birth not yet forgotten/it was bittersweet for she bore the son who was begotten/yet in his last breath he had forsaken/Do you know about her?/the tears of joy,that so easily turned to mourning/how her glimmer of light,became hope/
Do you know about her?/She was pure and favourable in Gods eyes/and so came an angel,from the skies/She was blessed to be a vessel of divine nature/she was found worthy to bear and nurse our redemption/so don’t forget about her/Don’t forget that within her mission she was still a mother/ and no mother could bear what she bore/She had strength that came from love/patience that came from mercy/and hope that came from Gods promises/it took a pure to give to God what belongs to God/
Don’t forget about her/about the brokenness of not being able to recognise her own son/about the pain as the flesh of her flesh was lashed/ the horror of his blood dripping from his head/ about the terror of seeing her son die a criminals death/
Let’s not forget about her/for she to suffered the pain of a mothers loss/ so please let’s forget about her/ about her lesson of trust,love,hope in the unknown and of righteous