In your eyes alone
I saw beauty masked with fears
I saw love,smeared with tears
Through the windows of your soul
I saw a heart like a rose intertwined with thorns
I heard a beat with no rhythm

In your eyes only
I saw pain as mass as oceans
Tears filled with pills and potions
A barrier with a warning of caution
I saw a fully dilated pupil
I saw a glistening surface
Like the face of puddle

In your eyes specifically
I could see death emotionally
Torment physically
Insanity mentally
And desperation spiritually
I saw a misplayed symphony
A song without a tune

And in your eyes
I can unmask your beauty
Wipe away the tears
Prune away the thorns
And give your heart a rhythm

In your eyes
I can dry up the oceans
Detoxicate your system
I can break your barriers
Focus your vision
Clear your image

Because in your eyes
I now see awakening emotionally
Liberty physically
Revival mentally
Fulfilment spiritually
I see I complete symphony
A song with melody

I am the I AM
The Alpha and Omega
I am the God that Heals
The God that restores
The Gods that turns the rejected stone into the capstone
I am Jehovah