Shooting star
There were pieces/lying scattered everywhere/tears dripping/fears rising/tempests exceeding the bar/I had a voice as loud as lions/the light to fight the world/but I let my voice be tamed/I hid In the shadows/I had the words to change nations/But I spent a lifetime in silence afraid of saying what’s wrong/I was a symphony played wrong/they played me till their fingers bled/a forsaken masterpiece/a forgotten melody/ they ruined me/I was the star that illuminated the dark/but suddenly I was falling/the darkness began to overwhelm me till I became one with it/But the fire in my heart could not be extinguished/it burned brighter than a thousand suns/and so long as the fire could be felt/the dark in due time would melt/and now I’m turning it all over/ I can hear roaring/the Spirit breaking out/and a thousand fold erupting with praise/as the sound of heaven touching earth filled my ears/
My heart/my soul/my mind/with every breath left in my lungs/every single heart beat in my chest/every grain of sand in my hourglass/every second on my life clock/ belongs to you/ because you are jealous for me/you love like a hurricane/And I am overcome by your mercy and grace/ unaware of the afflictions eclipsed by glory/I belong to you and only you/For you see me with more value than I do/You see me worth dying for/I’m a shooting star that lights up the sky and gives hope