December 2014

In your eyes

In your eyes alone
I saw beauty masked with fears
I saw love,smeared with tears
Through the windows of your soul
I saw a heart like a rose intertwined with thorns
I heard a beat with no rhythm

In your eyes only
I saw pain as mass as oceans
Tears filled with pills and potions
A barrier with a warning of caution
I saw a fully dilated pupil
I saw a glistening surface
Like the face of puddle

In your eyes specifically
I could see death emotionally
Torment physically
Insanity mentally
And desperation spiritually
I saw a misplayed symphony
A song without a tune

And in your eyes
I can unmask your beauty
Wipe away the tears
Prune away the thorns
And give your heart a rhythm

In your eyes
I can dry up the oceans
Detoxicate your system
I can break your barriers
Focus your vision
Clear your image

Because in your eyes
I now see awakening emotionally
Liberty physically
Revival mentally
Fulfilment spiritually
I see I complete symphony
A song with melody

I am the I AM
The Alpha and Omega
I am the God that Heals
The God that restores
The Gods that turns the rejected stone into the capstone
I am Jehovah


Shooting star There were

Shooting star
There were pieces/lying scattered everywhere/tears dripping/fears rising/tempests exceeding the bar/I had a voice as loud as lions/the light to fight the world/but I let my voice be tamed/I hid In the shadows/I had the words to change nations/But I spent a lifetime in silence afraid of saying what’s wrong/I was a symphony played wrong/they played me till their fingers bled/a forsaken masterpiece/a forgotten melody/ they ruined me/I was the star that illuminated the dark/but suddenly I was falling/the darkness began to overwhelm me till I became one with it/But the fire in my heart could not be extinguished/it burned brighter than a thousand suns/and so long as the fire could be felt/the dark in due time would melt/and now I’m turning it all over/ I can hear roaring/the Spirit breaking out/and a thousand fold erupting with praise/as the sound of heaven touching earth filled my ears/
My heart/my soul/my mind/with every breath left in my lungs/every single heart beat in my chest/every grain of sand in my hourglass/every second on my life clock/ belongs to you/ because you are jealous for me/you love like a hurricane/And I am overcome by your mercy and grace/ unaware of the afflictions eclipsed by glory/I belong to you and only you/For you see me with more value than I do/You see me worth dying for/I’m a shooting star that lights up the sky and gives hope

When you lose someone

Death is never the easiest thing. In April of this year I lost my mother and it tore me apart I felt like life was over… Its been 8 months but it still feels like it was yesterday. The hardest part was that I saw her lifeless body seated on a chair and most times that image hunts me. But the reason I haven’t followed her to the grave,in as much as I want to, I know she would want me to continue living. To complete what she started. To fulfil the dreams she had for me and above all God has been here for me through it all….. I’m not sure if it ever gets easy, my accomplishments bring tears to my eyes because she’s not here to watch me and be proud.
To everyone who shares my grief of a lost loved one don’t give in to your heart break or depression,there’s always hope just in the Lord God and you will survive it…

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